Thursday, October 22, 2015

Showers for Olivia Jane

They say raising a baby takes a village, but lord almighty, preparing for a baby takes a village! We've been absolutely touched by the kindness that friends and family have shown us over the past month. Miguel and I are really so blessed. I know that that word ("blessed") is way overused, especially amongst Christians, but I really mean it. Watching people love on us, via showering our baby girl, has really made me feel overwhelmingly blessed!

Our first shower was given by our community group. We are so grateful for this group! They've really enriched our lives. The group met on a Friday night (a special night dedicated just to us, not our usual meeting night) to have dinner and celebrate our upcoming arrival. Miguel and I were absolutely tickled by the effort everyone made! The group had gone to the trouble to decorate with "It's A Girl" confetti, pink diaper pins, and even got together earlier in the week to bake pink-only desserts!


Everyone pitched in and purchased our Pack-n'-Play! Sooo sweet! We will definitely be using this a lot when we travel home to Miguel's parents. Some others in the group also gave us a Wubbanub and a letter "O" appliqué. Alexandra even painted pink, glittery dots on a gift bag! 

"Thank You" never seems to represent the true feeling of our gratitude, so to help express our thanks, Miguel and I made little thank you gifts for everyone. I baked chocolate chip cookies for everyone, and of course, continued the pink theme with the cards and clothes pin details. 

The following day I packed up the car, left Miguel to puppy-sit, and headed to Atlanta for another shower. Two of my dearest friends, Sarah and Erin, and their mothers threw a beautiful shower for us. It was a ladies shower which consisted mostly of my mom's friends and the moms of my friends who helped raise me in elementary/middle school at PCS. 

I loved that they asked me to design the invitation for the shower! I designed the invite and the little insert and kept things pretty traditional and feminine. 


Sarah G. addressed the envelopes! SO freaking pretty!

Unfortunately, my mom couldn't make it as she woke up with food poisoning! The worst timing! I was crushed, of course! You always picture your mom, gramma, etc at your baby shower, and I was so sad that she couldn't be there. However, thank goodness my sister was there to represent the family! I don't do well being put on the spot as the guest of honor and was so grateful to have my sister there to "holding my hand" so to speak. 

The shower was so beautiful! There were really pretty flowers, baby clothes hung up around the house, a handmade banner, and beautifully wrapped presents!

One of the hostesses, Sarah, made beautiful menu displays... such pretty hand calligraphy!! (she taught herself btw!)


I was so blown away by the generosity everyone showed us. Some of the gifts that stood out were some custom monogrammed bloomers and bibs, one of my old blankets from when I was a baby, and The Chronicles of Narnia from my mom - everyone was asked to bring a book instead of a card. I also received some big items like our stroller, everything for our boppy, and baby swing! I think that I will always think of the loved ones who gave us these things whenever I use them! 

Look how beautifully this was wrapped!

For hostess gifts I created some framed, bible verse art and gave everyone a Target gift card.

I am OBSESSED with Riffle Paper Company wrapping paper and stationary! 

The following weekend our friends in Savannah threw us a co-ed shower. I was so tickled when they asked me if I had a theme in mind. I had just seen some adorable pictures from a child's party my brother-in-law's wife had been to and totally stole the Minnie Mouse theme! I love the bold graphics of the Minnie theme and anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Disney! I also got to design the invitations for this party and had so much fun with the bold red, black, white, and yellow!

Oh my goodness! When I walked into the shower and saw all the decor, food, and effort everyone went to I was blown away! Everything was absolutely ADORABLE! I was in heaven! (I remembered to bring the camera this time! But I forgot the battery charging at home... luckily, a friend had their camera with them and kindly offered to take pictures for us!)

Once again, we were blown away by everyone's generosity! We are now well set for Olivia's arrival! It was also really nice to share the spot light with Miguel this time around! 

All the hosts!

Of course I made some little "thank you's" for these guys too! I decorated some mason jars, filled them with chocolate chip cookies, and gave everyone a Starbucks gift card. 


Again, Miguel and I are so lucky to have such a solid foundation of community, friends, and family. We are so grateful for all the love and generosity shown to us this past month! Olivia is lucky to already be so loved by all of you! 

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