Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baby Amador Gender Reveal Party!

Pretty soon after Miguel and I found out we were pregnant we talked about finding out the gender of our baby and thought it would be a fun idea to do a Gender Reveal Party with our family and friends!

We had our anatomy ultrasound on the 8 year anniversary of our first date! I love that the dates lined up that way! It's crazy to think about how much we have done and how much our lives have changed together over the past eight years! Two nervous kids (or at least I was nervous) going to a Braves game to two nervous parents-to-be going to our first child's gender ultrasound! 

The baby gave the ultrasound tech a difficult time trying to see the sex and sat in indian style almost the whole time. Haha! We turned our heads and kept our eyes closed while she was down in the leg region though and she was able to capture an image between the legs! 

We had four days between our doctors appointment and our reveal party. I actually think Miguel was more tempted to peak than I was. But we both really wanted to be genuinely surprised at the party and practiced our self-control. 

We went to the Perinatologist a couple of weeks ago to ease my fears about the baby being exposed to the CT scan I had while in the hospital. Everything is A-OK with the baby, but they gave us the opportunity to come back for our anatomy ultrasound because their equipment was more advanced. 

Both our families came into town for the reveal (minus a few who had previous commitments). I am SO grateful for everyone pitching in to get the party set up the day of! Big thanks to my dad for running errands (picking up balloons, food, ice, etc), my mom and sister for helping set up, arranging flowers, keeping me sane, Miguel for carrying the heavy things, and Jared for taking photos!!

This is just a small portion of all the diapers we received! We have very generous friends and family!

We asked our guests leave us advice for the future!

My mom and mother-in-law sent me pictures of Miguel and me as babies that I framed and displayed at the party, along with a banner reading "Pink or Blue We Love You!". 

Yummm! Bakers Pride Cupcakes!
With the grandparents!

LOVE this little girl!

She's pretty much everyone's favorite!

Also love this little blue eyed boy!!

Thanks Erin and Jonathan for driving down from Atlanta FOR THE DAY to be a part of our party!!!

I had a special floral wreath made for the day. The only colors I wore were the blue and pink flowers.

We asked our guests to wear blue if they thought Baby Amador was a boy and pink if they thought baby was a girl. Obviously, the majority of people voted boy... or they at least owned more blue than pink! 

We gathered everyone together after the team photos and did the diaper raffle draw. The prize was a basket full of movie night snacks and treats and a gift card to Redbox. 

I didn't get a great picture of the gift...

Drawing the name out of the bin...

Pria and Travis you won!

The winners! We're laughing because Pria actually helped me put the whole basket together a couple of days ago!

After we did the diaper raffle we got ready for the big reveal! Neither Miguel or I had any guesses as to the gender! No strong feelings of what it was either way! We were SO surprised! 

!!!! IT'S A GIRL !!!!
We were so shocked! Miguel was particularly happy as he was hoping for a girl! I was excited for either, but am also so, so thrilled about our baby girl! I cannot wait to start buying all things pink and glittery with bows! I was so shocked it was a girl that I think I must have subconsciously thought we were having a boy! You can watch the reveal in the videos below!



The confetti was EVERYWHERE! Even in my wreath!

So, so, so happy that baby is part of TEAM PINK! 

Olivia Jane Amador, mommy and daddy love you so much and cannot wait to meet you and hold you in our arms in December! God knows you are exactly what and who we need in our family and we praise Jesus for you everyday! 

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